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Why trust us?

Fully independent

HKFP is answerable only to readers – we have no investors, no shareholders, no tycoons, no mainland owners or umbrella company behind us. Our independence means we are able to resist censorship and self-censorship in our daily news reporting.

Transparent & efficient

We are the city’s most transparent news outlet – we undergo an external audit each year and publish an annual Transparency Report. 84 per cent of income comes from donations, whilst 81 per cent of spending goes simply towards paying journalists. Teamwork, automation, partnerships and the use of free digital tools keep our costs down.

Non-profit model

As a non-profit, limited by guarantee company, any surplus we make is recycled back into the company. We are run by journalists and immune to commercial and political pressure.

Accurate & accountable

Our reporting is governed by a Code of Ethics, adopted in 2020. We ensure everything we publish includes a balance of viewpoints in order to avoid any bias. All facts, quotes and figures are properly attributed to the source, often with links to the original material. Our own opinions are kept out of our copy, whilst we act quickly and transparently to correct errors. HKFP avoids sensationalism and clickbait, and clearly marks paid-for content as “sponsored.” Accuracy and fairness are our top priorities. Learn more about why you can trust HKFP.